Dooey Gull

End of August 2012

Dooey Beach in Donegal.  Camping in strong wind but warm air.  During the day the clouds skip fast across the sun.  I walk along the beach in the sun watching the clouds blow closer carrying rain.  When the rain hits I run into the dunes and lie down flat in the grasses until the shower is over and the air is clear again.


At the end of the beach is the beginning of the bay.  I step into the water where the sand is slipping under itself and swim.

On the way back along the long stretch I tell myself how bare this beach is and how the currents never throw up anything interesting for the likes of me.  There are so many of the fragile sea potatoes that trick me into thinking they are clean bird skulls which I covet so much.  Its nice to step on them and feel the slight crunch underfoot.

But then I see something ahead sticking up, the yellow and red of a gull! Yesss.  I drag the bird by the wing back to the tent and I am assisted in cutting the head off.  The head is wrapped in foil and carried home to be re/dis-placed in the studio environment for drawing.  It is stinking.


Gull head in foil

Today I told my father about the bird’s head and when I went out to show it to him (I had thrown it down on the top of the shed to let it decay more) and it was GONE!  Stolen!


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