Alt er Grå [everything is grey]

It is still grey. But it’s also still beautiful. Even the rain and drizzle, the low-lying mist, and factory smoke, have an honest, humble beauty which I find inspiring. I do, nonetheless, look forward to Spring, which is arriving tomorrow apparently.

My head hurts from hours of repetitious printing, so I wrap up, leave the house and sit at the water’s edge. I have been lent some more suitable clothes, and I am now warm enough to stay motionless, enjoying the stillness, sounds, and smells.

Big ripple

It rains quietly at first, making a tinny sound, like someone tapping their fingernails frantically, yet almost imperceptibly, on the side of a glass of water. The rain soon develops more authority, each droplet making itself seen and heard. Then, like a passing breath across the fjord, it diminuenos into drizzle again.


Listen to: ‘Rain on the Fjord, Typewriter and Hardanger‘ which was presented as part of the ‘Under’ exhibition in Messen, May 2013.  

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