Vår [spring]

Mist. Moving and changing, distorting and confusing. Edges are blurred, object and reflection merge. The shrill cries of the seagulls contrast with the deep industrial clangs coming from the factory.

misty mountains

Before I realise it has happened, the mist has cleared and the sun shines, strong and warm. I am so excited: Spring has arrived in Ålvik at last. Immediately, the shimmering water looks inviting and hospitable. The grass is growing: it smells sweet.

sunny day from the water, rocks

The fjord is lit up and I can now see into its green depths. Slanted rays of sunlight pierce the water illuminating the tiny jellyfish as they propel their milky translucent bodies through the water.

sun and reflections

4 thoughts on “Vår [spring]

    • Thank you. Unfortunately the sun was gone the next day. I’m hoping that the little snippits of sunshine will get more frequent and then I will get the courage to jump into the fjord.

  1. Vår I Hardanger,I love your photographs, hope the sun comes out
    for 17th of May, enjoy..

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