susan hughes artist

Visual artwork: susanhughesartist.com

Contact: susanhughesartist@gmail.com

I respond visually to experiences gathered: of being within the landscape and sea, of being part of the culture and history of a place, of my own memories or references to a place.

My physical connection is integral. I am not just looking but touching, feeling, breathing. I am hungry for experience, stories and people and I seek them out while also revelling in being alone in the land and in the sea. Where I can lose my self-consciousness.

Text is an invaluable tool to provide context as well as an integral part of the aesthetic image-making process. Here in my blog, the writing becomes a craft through which to build the image. As a traditional musician, an awareness of the connection between the folk music and stories of a place instills in me a reverence for each note as a direct link to past human interactions and experiences.

Information about my highly acclaimed 2014 portrait exhibition Quiet Peacemakers can be found here: Quiet Peacemakers.

A range of my commercial products and examples of commissioned portraits can be viewed here: Shú



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