Kunstnarhuset Messen is an art centre in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. Messen is situated in the small factory village of Ålvik. The Hardanger region has a rich cultural heritage and is famous for its beautiful landscape.

While on these Winter, Spring and Summer residencies I have been immersing myself in the landscape, music and culture. Displaced to the studio, the experiences gathered along the shore and in the sea, meeting people, walking and swimming, are documented, cataloged and responded to.  While on residency I was able to learn the National folk music on Hardanger fiddle taught by local fiddle legend Knut Hamre.

Blog posts during residency April – June 2015

Drømme [dream] – witnessing Orca at the Hardangerfjord.

Tåke [mist]  – mist settles.

Alarm  – spring weather in Ålvik set to improvised music.

Eg Attende. Vår Attende. – returning ‘home’ after a party in Volda.

Jeg Står Rolig i Regnet [I stand quietly in the rain]

Truande [looming] – observations of the fjord through the bus.  

Bruremarsj [wedding march] – video with audio

Søvn – sleeplessness due to excessive fiddle playing.  

Salt Vann – leaving the Hardangerfjord.


Residency May 2013

returning      alt er gra      Var spring

svomme      lyset

Residency November 2013

week 1      Hardanger. Cold Water      water falling

pine      icicle

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